How to get Android 10’s hidden features on any phone today

How to get Android 10’s hidden features on any phone today

It may not be Android Q anymore, but the Android version that was once destined to be Queen of Puddings (in my heart, at least) is almost finished and ready to roll out to the world.

Google’s expected to launch Android 10, as it’ll be known, any week now — but despite the software having been out in the open for months already during its public beta phase, The Artist Formerly Known As Q™ has a couple of tricks up its sleeves that we still haven’t had an opportunity to explore.

We talked about ’em a couple of weeks ago, and today, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at how you can get your inexplicably sticky hands on the same sort of functionality they promise right now — no matter what type of phone you’ve got or what version of Android it’s running.

So grab your phone, go rinse off those curiously greasy mitts of yours, and let’s do a little creative tinkering — Android-10-style.

Hidden feature #1: Focus Mode

What it is: Android 10’s Focus Mode is a system designed to help you — wait for it — focus! By golly, who woulda thunk. And how does it help you focus, you might be wondering? Why, by eliminating distractions caused by certain apps, of course, you inquisitive little gibbon.

How it works: In the official Android version, you tell the software which apps are the most distracting to you and then flip a switch to put those apps on pause whenever you want. When the apps are paused, their icons appear grayed out, you’re given a warning message when you try to open ’em, and — most helpfully of all — their notifications don’t interrupt you or appear in any way until you turn Focus Mode back off.

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